Smart control systems for intelligent lighting

The Luxi offer is then completed with lighting control solutions to allow you to switch on, switch off and adjust the intensity of the luminaires based on the presence of people and the contribution or not of natural light in the illuminated area.

The ability of a system to intelligently reduce its energy consumption as well as bringing ecological and economic advantages allows an increase in comfort and an optimization of the life span of the appliances, with a consequent saving in maintenance costs.

The intelligent management of energy consumption is increasingly rewarded by the market and is increasingly in demand also due to legislative actions, which make the integration of light control solutions mandatory in every new public plant created.

Thanks to Luxi Illuminazione’s control systems, it is possible to recall predefined light situations optimized for the various activities carried out within the illuminated areas: classrooms, playgrounds, conference rooms, cinemas, offices.


RFxNODE v2 series

RFxSENSOR v2 series

DALI SENSE v3 series

Z-NODE series

RFxLT series

RFxGATE series