RFxNODE series

Mesh Network 868 MHz wireless controller with integrated wired antenna. It manages up to 4 standard DALI or 1 / 10V drivers, 500VA normally closed (NC) relay output, digital input. 230 Vac power supply.
Protection degree IP54 (IP65 with accessories). RFxNODE can be managed by a centralized system and integrated through Modbus TCP.

  • 85-305 Vac (max 2 W) power supply, 47-63 Hz.
  • Integrated wired antenna.
  • 0-1/10V and DALI output.
  • 500VA relay output (normally closed).
  • 868 MHz frequency, Mesh Network.
  • 13 dBm transmission power, wire antenna.
  • I/O insulation 4kV.
  • 1 digital input (dry contact).


RFxNODE series

Wireless control module for 1/10V and DALI luminaires.

Technical drawing


RFxNODE can be combined with a DALI or 1/10V dimmable fixture, transforming it into a 868 MHz wireless controlled light point.

RFxNODE is the ideal solution for the point-to-point replacement of old luminaires when the existing electrical system can not be changed.