References for Luxi products

PalaBanca - Piacenza

A Luxi application for a sports arena.
The new internal lighting system, in the design phase, took into serious consideration the quality of the lighting and the usability of the television footage with the aim of guaranteeing athletes and spectators a better visual comfort.

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Cipa Gres Spa - Casalgrande (RE)

The company has chosen Luxi Illuminazione products to illuminate the yard outside the plant (approximately 44,000 m2) used both as a parking lot for company employees and as a transit and loading / unloading area for trucks.

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Studio Prasca Accountants - Salvaterra (RE)

The customer’s need was to have a uniform solution for all the spaces (reception, offices, corridors) that would best integrate with the style of the studio and at the same time be pleasing to visitors and customers.

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Elementary School Gym - Salvaterra (RE)

The gym is used by primary school students and sports clubs of the municipality of Salvaterra.
The customer’s need was to replace the old halogen lamps with more efficient LED projectors capable of guaranteeing optimal lighting on the playing fields and also saving energy.

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City Hall - Galliate

The project involving the Luxi products is a relamping project for the replacement of over 200 halogen lights with the most modern and efficient LED panels.

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Bicycle Path - Pratissolo (RE)

Project to replace obsolete halogen lighting fixtures with more modern LED fixtures on the Pratissolo cycle path.
The SL-M series lampposts of minimalist design and suitable for a modern urban environment were chosen.

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Tennis Club - Casalgrande (RE)

The installation involved one of the 3 indoor courts of the Tennis Club with permanent cover and synthetic bottom in Play It for a surface of 18 x 36 meters.

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Car dealership Mattiauda Motors - Bra (CN)

The installation involved the total relamping of the dealer, both in the areas dedicated to the exhibition of the cars and to the sale, and in the premises used for assistance.

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Municipal Parking - Casalgrande (RE)

The choice was to use 23 luminaires of the Lux-SL-M series for 3000K street lighting that guarantee uniform lighting throughout the area.

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Astra Servizi - Cuneo

A complete relamping activity was carried out at the headquarters of Astra Servizi in Cuneo both on the internal premises (offices and bars) and on the external parking and transit areas of the trucks.

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Sports Hall - Castelnovo (RE)

The sports hall is part of the sports facilities of Castelnovo di Sotto and includes a sports hall, with a maximum capacity of 485 seats. The area of the playing field and the stands occupies an area of 1300 m2 and has a height of 9.6 m.

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