Astra Servizi: Bar and Gas Station – Cuneo

AstraCuneo is an association that brings together over 500 companies in the province of Cuneo and neighboring areas that deal with trucking with the aim of representing their interests towards the institutions and the various branches of the public administration, dealing with the other socio-economic categories , to relate to public opinion and the media.

The association also deals with providing professional training to business owners and employees, through the organization of ADR courses, recovery of license points, access to the profession, on the various aspects of security and to provide services to businesses at advantageous prices, through the AstraServizi Cooperative Society.

A complete relamping activity was carried out at the headquarters of Astra Servizi in Cuneo both on the internal premises (offices and bars) and on the external parking and transit areas of the trucks.

The goal, therefore, fully achieved, was to provide a complete design on all the environments providing both products of the industrial and outdoor line and products of the office line with the advantage on the part of the client to be able to relate with a single interlocutor both in the phases of planning that in those of installation and maintenance.


Astra Servizi Società Cooperativa

Lighting project
SoleAmbiente S.a.S.

Products used
CC 22W
OD-E 17W
PQ 18W
MD 10W
VT 70W
FR 150W
VR 150W
DM 100W