Professional LED lighting solutions

Lighting a light does not just mean illuminating a work environment, a product or a building.

For us from Luxi Illuminazione, light can do much more: it can enhance form and function, it can improve the safety of people and spaces, it can transmit pleasant sensations and create more sustainable life and work situations.

This is why we design and develop unique and high quality luminaires and lighting systems specific to each type of environment and compliant with the most modern industry standards.

LUNA Series

For offices, schools and hospitality
125 lm/W CRI 90 UGR<16

Adjustable power:

FLAT Series

For warehouses, production areas

150 lm/W UGR<21 Dimmable 1-10V

Power: 150W

We combine a long experience in the lighting sector with a deep knowledge of the installers and electrical designers market.

Every day we work to keep up-to-date with the best lighting designing techniques and the latest directives on safety, visual comfort and environmental impact.

VR HW II series

For medium-sized sports facilities

Power: 600W / 900W / 1200W

One of the most common relamping interventions is the conversion to LED of lighting systems on high mast towers.

For this reason, we have designed a specific range of LED floodlight projectors for sports facilities and for mounting on light towers in large industrial areas with powers from 220W to 1,200W, symmetrical and asymmetrical optics and light beam opening angles that can be customized to distribute the levels of adequate light on a playing surface and on a moving area for men, machinery and goods, all reducing glare.

The solution is completed with wireless modules for the control and dimming of the installed fixtures.