PalaBanca – Piacenza

The PalaBanca is the main indoor arena of the city of Piacenza.

The structure was built in 2004 to host events, concerts and sporting events. It has a capacity of 3,700 seats and 6,000 standing places.

Today the PalaBanca is the headquarters of the volleyball company You Energy Volley, which includes the Piacenza Gas Sales team which plays in the men’s A2 volleyball championship, winner of the Italian Cup in the 2018-2019 season and of the UCC Assigeco Piacenza which plays in the A2 men’s basketball series championship.

In 2018 the PalaBanca was subjected to restructuring and the lighting equipment of Luxi Illuminazione was chosen to renew the installation of the building and also to adapt it to facilitate television broadcasts of Serie A matches.

The model chosen is the Luxi LED projector of the VR 450W series capable of guaranteeing extremely high efficiency and resistance to humidity and dirt (IP66).

“The new managers and the municipal administration are particularly attentive to issues of environmental and energy sustainability” – explains Michele Granelli, director of Green Sales. “They wanted to intervene on a system consisting of obsolete lamps, combining the reduction of consumption and a high level of performance. In Luxi illumination we found the ideal partner, thanks to a technologically advanced product and a technical assistance service in first-rate design elaborations ».

“The new internal lighting system, in the design phase, took into serious consideration the quality of the lighting and the usability of the television footage. It will guarantee athletes and spectators a better visual comfort. The aim is to make the experience even more enveloping during the numerous events that the structure is destined to host.

Source: Piacenza24 of 15 February 2019


Green Sales Energia

Lighting project
Exim srl

Products used
VR 450W Series

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VR Flood Light

LED projector suitable for wall, ceiling or bracket installations. Aluminum body, polyethylene terephthalate lens assembly for exteriors, anti-yellowing, black finish.
Power: 100W, 150W, 200W, 450W
Color Temperature: 4000K, 5000K CRI: ≥70
Dimming: 1-10V dimmable
Luminous flux: from 13,800 lumens (100W) to 63,300 lumens (450W)
Application: large outdoor areas, light towers and sports fields. Locations subject to high humidity and dirt (IP66)

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