City Hall – Galliate

The City Hall in Galliate, in the province of Novara, is a two-story building built in the early 1900s. Initially used as a school, it was completely used as a municipal public office starting from the 1960s.

The project involving the Luxi products is a relamping project for the replacement of over 200 halogen lights with the most modern and efficient LED panels.

The model chosen is the LG panel in the 40W version.

The LG panel has excellent visual comfort with a UGR controlled ≤19 and is only 11mm thick. The reduced thickness allowed its recessed installation in the false ceilings of the ground floor and the first floor of the building, while in the second floor, in the absence of a false ceiling, it was installed at sight. Nevertheless the aesthetics remain pleasant and the panel is well inserted in the context of lighting of a public office.


Comune di Galliate

Lighting project
Luxi Illuminazione

Products uses
LG 40W 300×1200
LG 40W 600×600



LG-E Panel Light

LED panel light suitable for recessed, ceiling-mounted or suspended installations. Body in steel plate, frame in extruded aluminum, extruded panel in microprismatic high transmittance technopolymer. Excellent visual comfort (UGR controlled ≤ 19): the microprismatic optic eliminates the annoying effects of glare and drastically reduces the luminances above 65°. Available in different sizes and types of installation. Quick installation thanks to the plug and play connector.