RFxDRIVER series

868 MHz Mesh Network wireless controller for integration in luminaires with 0-1/10V or DALI drivers. RFxDRIVER can be powered directly from DALI drivers with integrated DALI bus power supply (Philips Xitanium SR®*, OSRAM DEXAL®) or it can be powered at 12 Vdc from a dedicated power supply or directly from drivers with auxiliary power supply. Wired or external (IP66) antenna with SMA connector. RFxDRIVER can be managed by a centralized system and integrated through Modbus TCP.

  • Compatible to Philips Xitanium SR® and OSRAM DEXAL® drivers.
  • Power supply from DALI or 12 Vdc.
  • 0-1/10V and DALI output.
  • 868 MHz frequency, Mesh Network.
  • 13 dBm transmission power, wire antenna.
  • Wired antenna or SMA connector (option) and external IP66 antenna (not included).

RFxDRIVER series

Wireless control module for 1/10V and DALI luminaires.

Technical drawing