RFxSENSOR series

Mesh Network 868 MHz wireless multisensor and controller with integrated wired antenna. It manages up to 4 standard DALI or 1 / 10V drivers, 500VA normally closed (NC) relay output, one digital input.
Integrated brightness and movement sensor for high bay application (Hmax 17 m). 230 Vac power supply. Protection degree IP54 (IP65 with accessories).

RFxSENSOR can be managed by a centralized system and integrated through Modbus TCP.

  • 85-305 Vac (max 2 W) power supply, 47-63 Hz.
  • PIR motion sensor and light sensor.
  • 0-1/10V and DALI output.
  • 868 MHz frequency, Mesh Network.
  • 13 dBm transmission power, wire antenna.
  • Integrated wired antenna.
  • Max installation height 17m.
  • I/O insulation 4kV.
  • 1 digital input (dry contact).

RFxSENSOR series

Wireless control module for 1/10V and DALI luminaires

Technical drawing


RFxSENSOR can be combined with a DALI or 1/10V dimmable fixture, transforming it into a 868 MHz wireless controlled light point.

RFxSENSOR is the ideal solution for the point-to-point replacement of old luminaires when the existing electrical system can not be changed.