LED downlights for shops and offices

Recessed spotlights are a lighting solution widely used for interior lighting of shops and offices as they can be perfectly integrated in any context and adapted to any style, from classic to modern. Each type of spotlight – or light spot – is designed to meet particular lighting needs.

The spotlight, unlike diffused lighting, allows you to direct the light towards specific points, enhancing every space and highlighting the furnishings, details and particular objects, proving to be a versatile, practical and modern design solution for a game of gradual light.

Luxi Illuminazione recessed LED spotlights have a structure designed to disappear into ceilings, walls and floors, leaving only the light visible. Fixed or adjustable spotlights are perfect for accent lighting, but also for ambient lighting in passages such as entrances or corridors.


SH-TT series

SH-CC series

SH-SC series

SH-LD series

SH-MR series

SH-AR series