High efficiency direct light LED panel suitable for installations in offices, commercial areas, hospitality,

The light intensity is adjusted by an integrated microwave sensor.

The sensor can be programmed by dip-switch to manage the presence / absence (with lighting only in case of insufficient light) and the 2 or 3-step dimming according to the needs.

LED panel light suitable for recessed, surface-mounted or suspended installations.
Body in painted galvanized sheet, lens with an opening angle of 73 °.
Finish RAL9016. Weight 4.2 Kg
Product supplied with built-in power supply.

Size: A597xB597xC35
Power: 36W
Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K CRI: ≥80
Dimming: 1 / 10V, optional DALI. Integrated motion sensor
Luminous flux: 3.960 lumens, 4.140 lumens
Application: private and public offices, residential, commercial areas

CodeSize, mmPower, wattNet Luminous Flux, lumenColor Temperature, cct


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